NooTrees readies to grow new roots...

NooTrees is about to launch across Singapore in September.

In less than a year it has gone from a crazy idea to reality with the full backing of the renown group FJ Benjamin, based in Singapore.

Having created the brand and idea for the sustainable products brand NooTrees founder David Ward took the idea in search of support and funding in November 2014.

Less than six weeks later a new company was formed, wholly owned by the FJ Benjamin Group and development began.

NooTrees PTE Ltd are proud to be able offer a wide range of 100% bamboo based products at the launch in September.

"It's a truly great feeling when you find others that believe in your idea" said David Ward

"We have worked against the clock with our manufacturing partners to create a diverse range of products matching the needs of consumers here in Singapore and elsewhere in the region from the start.

We are all very excited about the difference this small beginning could make to all our lives in the future" added Ward.

So please join us in helping to change the world.


It's Cool to Care.



Founder and creator of the NooTrees brand, and the driving force behind its' desire to change the world. It's cool to care.