NooTrees: Helping to Beat the Haze...

NooTrees is featured as the only consumer brand in the lead article in The Today Newspaper in Singapore, dated October 3rd.

The interview with NooTrees GM David Ward is a pert of a main story on the Haze which Singapore and the surrounding region is suffering under.

Positioned as the alternative in the growing consumer switch away from wood pulp products NooTrees is supportive all efforts to reduce the haze and strongly encourage consumers to take control and vote with their wallets.

"We can feel there is a ground swell of energy to make an impact on this issue, and many consumers are now standing up and saying enough and choosing to switch from wood pulp based products. They are sensing they can change this situation, and as we are advocating a switch to a more sustainable, more environmentally friendly raw material (bamboo) we will be working harder again to offer those wanting to change a wide selection of suitable alternatives"


NooTrees is available nation wide in Singapore from the 15th October, and online via and



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