Become Business Green

NooTrees is dedicated to providing alternative fibre products across the commercial business spectrum.

We hope to help your business become greener than it is today by sharing with you how you can become TREE FREE.

But why is this important?

Currently we chop down over 27,000 trees a day just to make the toilet paper we consumer (that's over one hundred and eighteen times around the globe..) Each day.

These trees come from "managed or sustainable forests" But the only thing they sustain is making more pulp. The planting of mono tree forests kills or displaces almost all the animals, insects plants and microorganisms that were there before the forest was planted. It will then take thirty plus years for the trees to grow to harvest height. In the meantime they also produce far less oxygen than the trees there before.

The new forestation through deforestation is man's biggest scare on the earth...

But now we simply don't have the land to give up to match the increasing demand. Alternatives are needed.

We at NooTrees are dedicated to proving such alternatives. Alternatives that will provide your business with products matching or surpassing your daily needs, and developed from truly sustainable and upcycled sources.

We would love to share with you and your team what we can propose, and indicate how and why it will provide a truly sustainable long term solution to a growing global problem.

We think we all want to be greener, and we are certain we all want to live in a world in the future that is as green and clean as the one we remember from our past. 

Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve this.

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