Deforestation - Bamboo is the answer.

Deforestation creates 20% of all carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This is more than all the cars in the world combined.

27,000 trees a day are cut down in the wood industry each day just to make toilet paper. That is enough toilet paper to wrap around the equator over one hundred and eighteen times a day, every day.

Trees require grade A arable land to grow, and can take up to thirty years to reach maturity before they can be harvested. When this occurs the tree is cut down and the roots dies requiring the whole process to start again. Humans only use grade A arable land for three main purposes. Growing food stocks, keeping livestock or growing trees for harvesting.

Simply put to match the growing population and increases in tissue paper usage across the world we need to plant even more trees specifically for wood pulp (being the main raw material for toilet paper) In doing so we reduce the amount of land available for food and livestock, and with the world's population continuing to grow this is already proving to be a problem on a global level.

When old forests are torn down we lose not only the oxygen they were producing, but the carbon of the plant life and trees is often released into the atmosphere through burning (clearing) This is know as black carbon, or carbon emissions. This create the smog and haze many countries in Asia are currently suffering with.

This deforestation for new-forestation cycle also results in many if not all of the animals, fauna and flora in the old forest being killed off.

Mankind has killed almost 60% of all animals, fauna and floral in the last fifty years alone. Not something anyone would wish to be remembered for. 

Unlike a tree, bamboo being the fastest growing plant on the earth is ready for its first harvest in as little as eighteen months after first planting. Being a grass and not a tree bamboo is also self regenerating, just like the grass in a garden.

It also produces 35-40% more oxygen than the preferred tree of the wood pulp industry (Fir tree) as well as being supremely hypoallergenic naturally. 

Most importantly it does not require planting in grade A arable lands - so leaving these free for the other main uses needed by mankind.

Bamboo will grow in degenerated lands spaces, on mountainsides and in areas where trees cannot grow any more due to soil erosion over years.

It also produces between five to six times the amount of raw material per hectare when compared to trees grown for wood pulp, so able to answer the future needs of an industry and global population.

Finally as it reaches maturity for harvesting very fast, and in some cases grows three feet per day it produces 35-45% more oxygen per hectare over the preferred tree commonly used across the world for wood pulp. All of which makes bamboo the lead raw material of the future in this sector.

We strongly feel that you're moving to bamboo based products will not alert your daily life, but your doing so will impact greatly on the future of the world we will all be living in.

Join us.


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