Who we are

Help Beat the Haze.

Welcome to Nootrees Sustainable Products:

Our aim is a simple one.

To offer you the very best in alternative fibre products, and in doing so help reduce the number of trees that are being cut down each year just to make toilet paper.

Nootrees is owned and run by the renowned Singapore based Lam Soon Group, who are a leader in consumer products across South Asia.

Nootrees is focused on proving world class bamboo based, 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable products for both consumers and businesses alike.

Our bamboo is also supremely hypoallergenic, meaning it is better than other materials for use in contact with your skin. 

More than 27,000 trees are cut down just to make toilet paper each day.

Not only is this creating issues such as deforestation, with older forests being cut down to make way for mono tree "sustainable" forests (killing the local biodiversity in the process) but with population numbers set increase across the world we need to find alternatives to save our existing forests urgently as we cannot continue on the road we have been on for the last fifty years.

Hence why NooTrees was created.

Wet wipes are a hugely popular product across the world. But traditional wet wipes, which are very often plastic based are also now creating major problems in water systems across the world from London to Melbourne.

These non-biodegradable wipes are one of the worst offending items in our general waste systems today.

If flushed in the water system they can create blockage problems. Also being a plastic based product in most cases will not degenerate in the water or land fill waste for some years, if ever.

We felt we needed to offer you a safer alternative that is 100% natural, 100% biodegradable and comes from a environmentally friendly resource.

That is why we make ours from only 100% bamboo spunlace material. This strong, flexible absorbent material feels comfortable on your hands, face or baby's gentle skin, and is supremely hypoallergenic naturally.

We think you will notice and feel the difference straight away, and when you do the earth will be smiling and thanking you.

We believe our products can change the world for the better.

Please join us to making a difference.

It's cool to Care.