Special Promo 2 x SelfSpa 100% Bamboo Wipes SPA SKIN Cleansing & improves skin radiance 25 Sheets

NooTrees SelfSpa 100% Bamboo Wipes.


Cleanse & improves skin radiance with essential oils, 25 Eco-Luxe© Sheets.

Cleanses, effectively removes make-up and nourishes skin with SEPLIFT DPHP and Vitamins A, C & E. Olive, Evening Primrose & Jojoba Oils. Lemon, Orange & bergamot. 
Essential oils - powerful ingredients that improve skin radiance. 
Can be used for cleansing or after cleansing to remove excess make-up. The two faced wipe is perfect to help you look your best for your next meeting, dinner or selfie on the go... Ideal for late night cleansing also.
Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it should be better than other materials for use in contact with your skin. 
25 Eco-Luxe © wipes per pack.(2)
Your Spa on the move.


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